Biological evaluations for health ingredients to valorize an immuno-modulatory potential,
prevent diseases and maintain an healthy balance.

Expertise of Ambiotis : Innovative approaches for the valorization of nutritional products

Ambiotis is a research-based company specialized in the understanding of inflammatory processes, immunity and well-being associated with an healthy body balance.

Ambiotis develops validated models and technologies to bring proofs of concept of ingredients and help its business partners put faster on the market innovative and potent nutritional solutions.

Ambiotis has the ability to set up full research programs from screening assays up to monitoring of biomarkers in clinical trials.

How to evaluate nutritional ingredients ?

Inflammation is a natural response of our immune system to fight injury or infection. If correctly controlled, it leads to the return to a healthy balance.

This return to basal conditions is called resolution and is characterized by the natural and sequential synthesis of specialized pro-resolving mediators (resolvins, protectins, lipoxins, maresins) or SPMs. These mediators are essential to induce correct healing and prevent from chronic inflammation.

SPMs are issued from the metabolism of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs): ARA, DHA, EPA and DPA.

The conversion of these PUFAs to SPMs has been linked to the well-known disease preventing- and health promoting-effects of DHA and EPA.

Discovery of these mediators and their role has thus brought new prospects for the development of ingredients notably in the field of nutrition.

Companies are thus starting to develop products that contain SPMs or that have the capacity to induce the production of these beneficial mediators.

These approaches represent a promising strategy to help the body resolving inflammatory and immune challenges without immuno-suppressive drawbacks.

Ambiotis has developed a step-by- step approach on immuno-modulation and/or pro- resolution strategies. 

Any step can also be performed on its own.

  • In vitro screening of ingredient potential (secretory and functional approaches in human primary cells)
  • In vivo proof-of- concept. Use of very well characterized and reference models in the field. Our models allow the understanding of the physiological response to a product and quantification of beneficial effects thanks to the calculation of resolution indices....
  • In disease models and/or human monitoring of resolution mediators

From screening to physiology

Functional solutions

Analytical services

Ways of working with us


Step 1: your need

  • Understanding of your need
  • Orientation toward the relevant work package

- analytical package : provide us with samples to be analyzed

- model-based package : provide us with your compounds to evaluate

- Customized development

- Scientific consulting

Step 2: our collaboration

  • Performance of services according milestones and go/no go steps
  • Regular follow-up

Step 3: your results

  • Scientific feedback through webex conference
  • Final report
  • Follow up

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