Science Articles about Inflammation Resolution

Here are interesting recent science articles about inflammation resolution :


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Protective activities of distinct omega-3 enriched oils are linked to their ability to upregulate specialized pro-resolving mediators, Sobrino A, Walker ME, Colas RA, Dalli J (2020) PLoS ONE DOI : 15(12): e0242543.

Which biomarkers can be used to determine the ability of a specific supplement in controlling inflammation?
Indeed, several clinical studies using a range of omega-3 supplements have yielded conflicting results on their efficacy to reduce inflammation and regulate immune responses.

In this recent publication, Sobrino et al. focused on the evaluation of protective properties of four #Omega-3 enriched oils. 
They report that the ability of a supplement to upregulate #SPM (specialized pro-resolving mediators) production is...

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