An inflammation specialization, a resolution expertise

Ambiotis was created in 2007 as a Young and Innovative Start-up and has been the first CRO worldwide working on the active resolution of inflammation. More than 50% of the activity is invested in R&D to provide always cutting edge research services.

Since its creation, Ambiotis has promoted the field of inflammation resolution, first discovered by Pr Charles Serhan at Harvard Medical School.

Ambiotis has dedicated its research to this field to build a thorough experience, now worldwide recognized.

With this knowledge, Ambiotis aims now to be the perfect partner for preclinical and clinical research in the field.

A CRO that invests in research for a fine understanding of the inflammation process

Ambiotis develops and validates models and technologies to bring proofs of concept and decipher mechanisms of action of molecules for its customers. It helps its business partners put faster on the market new and innovative compounds from early preclinical stages up to clinical assays.

Driving values

  • Advance the care of patients suffering from inflammatory disorders
  • Promote the field of resolution pharmacology
  • Help customers to solve their research questions
  • Build a trustworthy relationship with our customers
  • Allow a challenging and rewarding environment for our highly skilled researchers



Marc Dubourdeau, PhD, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ambiotis. He obtained a PhD degree in Immunology from the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France) and a Master’s Management degree from the Toulouse Business School (France).

Prior to Ambiotis’ creation, Marc Dubourdeau was working for the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) where he was investigating the mechanisms of the inflammatory process in various infectious diseases.


Strategic advisory board

  • Pr Charles N Serhan (Harvard Medical School)
  • Dr Nathalie Vergnolle (Research Director INSERM)
  • Pr Jean-Paul Latgé (Research Laboratory Director, Aspergillus Unit, Institut Pasteur),
  • Pr Laurent Alric (Chief of Internal Medicine),


Ambiotis scientific team

Dynamic and highly skilled PhD, research engineers and higher technicians are working for Ambiotis. They are used to work in a competitive research environment and are also able to manage efficiently industrial projects.

Recruitment of people able to turn research challenges into solutions is therefore essential for Ambiotis.

Employment opportunities

Ambiotis can propose career opportunities for motivated people with different educational backgrounds, skills, and interests. If you are interested in:

  • working in a high-tech environment, where state-of- the-art science is practiced every day,
  • joining a young, dynamic, and growing organization,
  • continuously developing your skills, and
  • meeting new challenges,
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Ways of working with us


Step 1: your need

  • Understanding of your need
  • Orientation toward the relevant work package

- analytical package : provide us with samples to be analyzed

- model-based package : provide us with your compounds to evaluate

- Customized development

- Scientific consulting

Step 2: our collaboration

  • Performance of services according milestones and go/no go steps
  • Regular follow-up

Step 3: your results

  • Scientific feedback through webex conference
  • Final report
  • Follow up

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