PCTR1 : a new biomarker for host defense and tissue repair 

How do tissues fight against infection and regenerate?

Resolution of inflammation is a natural biological process that  facilitates host defense and promotes tissue repair. It is already known that this process is governed by specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM). 

In this recent publication, Sansbury et al. described the beneficial properties of a novel series cysteinyl-SPM (cys-SPM) that stimulate tissue regeneration.They screened nine structurally distinct cys-SPMs and they found that PCTR1 uniquely enhanced human keratinocyte migration, reduced wound bacteria levels and decreased inflammatory monocytes/macrophages.
Overall, PCTR1 is involved in host defense and tissue repair. 

These results suggest that PCTR1 could inform new approaches for therapeutic management of delayed tissue repair and infection.

More information about this article entitled "PCTR1 Enhances Repair and Bacterial Clearance in Skin Wounds" : click here

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