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Ambiotis is the first CRO worldwide specializing in the inflammatory process resolution.

Inflammation is a common host response to injury or infection.

It is divided into 3 steps (onset, development and resolution), and leads to the complete restoration of the targeted tissue to its prior physiological function. Even if inflammation has been identified to be a disorder-specific process, its regulation pathway remains to be clearly demonstrated.

Various cell and biochemical effectors are involved in the inflammatory process, which is perfectly regulated by the coordinated synthesis of specific molecules (= biomarkers).

Among those biomarkers, molecules related to either the omega-6 or the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid metabolism are critical for the inflammatory process resolution.

Those unsaturated fatty acids are precursors of molecules such as lipoxins, resolvins and protectins. Those molecules control physiological mechanisms involved in the end of the inflammatory process and enable the resolution of chronic and acute inflammation: thus they offer promising perspectives for new drug-delivery applications.

Ambiotis is specialized in the study of lipoxins, resolvins and protectins.


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